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Best Hats to Wear on Different Occasions

There are many occasions where graceful clothing is not only needed but also sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Dressing classy means you choose the right accessories that pair well with your outfit and befit the occasion.

Here we list out some ways in which you can do that.


Hats have had their place in the annals of history. Since time immemorial, women wore hats as a sign of social status and culture. In fact it was considered improper if she chose to not wear one. Thus hats have taken on a significant meaning. Over the years many trend-setting styles have graced the hallways of big fashion houses. Needless to say, wearing the right hat with your outfit can definitely give you an edge in terms of style and elegance. Women now are astute enough to realize that a smart hat can turn a good outfit into a great one. Let’s take a look at some of the occasions where a hat is a necessity and the types of hats that you can don.



You don’t have to have an invitation with the Queen of England to wear a classy and chic garden hat. In fact, it is very much a necessity to protect your head and skin from the burning rays of the sun or harsh winds of the outdoors. Special occasion hats are usually made of light straw but can also be made of fabric. You can find a range of stylish caps and hats for women at The Mad Hatters. Formal outdoor fashion usually features a round hat with a wide brim. However, you can choose from casual bucket hats for women as a suitable day-time look. The options are limitless.


Some of the most important hats to carry with you are your travel or holiday hats and caps. They are versatile and eclectic and great to pair up with your beachy, summery dresses and shorts. The correct holiday headwear can help protect you from the sun, wind, and rain especially if you are traveling to many places at a time.

Some of you holidaying are sure to partake in festivals. There are a range of stylish hats and caps for women which become an interesting accessory for themed outfits. The selfie trend usually takes centerstage during a holiday. This is perhaps a good time to flaunt your most fascinating bucket hat or baseball cap.


Some of you might be venturing out on picnics with your young ones. Little forest trails and verdant countryside sceneries are the perfect setting to fish out some of your baseball and performance caps. These look sporty and give adequate sun protection as you loll and frolic around in the sun.


Vintage and custom hats are a great option for the wedding season as they have slightly more formal overtones. Beautiful vintage hats are hard to find. However, with the outdoor themes of modern day weddings, you can now choose from a plethora of stylish caps and hats for women. You can easily rock the wedding day look with a chic bucket hat or a classy bow hat in pastel and neutral shades. Don’t forget to add on those large-framed sun-glasses for an uber-sophisticated look.


Outdoor adventurers can rejoice with the range of hiking headgear that is available. What hats should hikers wear? Is a question that plagues thousands of hikers every year. There are essentially three types of hiking headgear that you should choose from. Sun hats come with wide brims and ventilated crowns and are highly suitable to be used in the backcountry.

With a slim line silhouette and a close-fitting, snug design, a baseball cap allows you all the freedom to hike, walk and stay active in the sun. The cap is designed in a way that long-haired women can easily wear it with a tight ponytail at the back.

Bucket hats and caps on the other hand have a very outdoorsy look about them which makes them ideal for folks who like to fish, swim and hike.

Hot tip: Select hats that offer a good deal of sun protection. Reach out to us at for a fresh range of eclectic headwear.

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An alumna of Istituto Marangoni and Ars Sutoria, Milan, Deepti launched this label with an aim to bring functional design, quality materials and comfortable fit, together in headwear. As a Bangalorean with roots in coastal Karnataka, she has grown up spending every summer vacation on the beaches and her design ideas and choices are a culmination of sweet summer days in the sun.


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