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How to Pack a Hat for Travel

Whilst hats are an uber cool accessory to have, they need utmost care. Hats and caps tend to get damaged or bent out of shape. At The Mad Hatters, you never have to worry about your hats and caps getting damaged. Our summer hats and caps are often sporty and cool and require less maintenance vis-a-vis panama hats, stiff felt hats, fedoras or even a straw hat. Nevertheless, fashionable divas struck by wanderlust may perhaps want to know — how to pack a hat? We have you covered with some handy tips for women’s hats and ways to pack them so that you can enjoy all its protective and fashion benefits. Finding an efficient way to pack your hats and caps can seem a bit intimidating at first but the list we have compiled for you will make packing effortless and hassle-free.

First things first, summer is just the perfect time to don a beautiful, green bucket hat. The beautiful pastel color is a wonderful accompaniment for all your fashionable dresses and shorts. The Mad Hatters green bucket hat is a classic silhouette made from 100% linen fabric. Bucket hats are a lot more flexible to pack so you can easily flatten them out in your suitcase or simply roll them up and place them on one side of the suitcase. If you have been on the lookout for a summery bucket hat near you, order yours now by visiting our website.

Another stunner to add to your summer wardrobe is our elegant and stylish pink bucket hat. The soft pastel shade is perfect to show off on an African safari or a Caribbean cruise. If you are running short of space, a good idea to carry this pretty hat is simply to wear it. You can also hold the cap in your hand or secure it to your luggage with a chic, magnetic clip. The biggest roadblock in packing a hat is being able to maintain its shape. A good way to overcome this is to lay it upside down and stuff the hat with soft clothing items so that it retains its shape throughout the journey.

A light teal baseball cap should be your go-to hat during a beach vacation. Made with a cotton canvas fabric, this girl’s baseball cap is not very fancy. Yet, it ticks all the right check boxes for style. The soft sweatband and the gentle curve on the front peak gives the cap a classy overall look. A baseball cap has less chances of getting damaged if it is gently folded and packed. You can stack it horizontally by pushing the buckle part at the back to the front. Keep a soft ball of cloth under the bottom to help the cap retain its shape. Baseball caps at The Madhatters are incredibly pliable. Upon unpacking, the peaks of the baseball caps can be gently curved in case it has become misshapen.

At The Mad Hatters the denim baseball cap for women is light, stylish, and convenient. It is an absolute wardrobe staple and adds that dash of coolness to any dress. With a buckle on the back for adjustability, the cap is made of a soft denim fabric that gives the right amount of protection in the hot summer months. Put a layer of protective clothing around the hat in your suitcase before you place the hat upside down. This ensures that the peak of the baseball cap stays undamaged.

The faux suede baseball cap for girls is elegance personified as it comes with a brown-on-brown color tone with the logo embroidered right out in the front. Fill the inside of the cap with soft materials such as socks and handkerchiefs so that the cap retains its shape during packing. You can place the cap peak down depending on your own personal convenience. Begin packing the rest of the clothes around the peak of the cap ensuring that the clothes are not tightly packed as this would alter or contort the shape of the hat. This cap has a hard-canvas front and hence the above mentioned tips are helpful in maintaining the shape.

Similar to the suede baseball cap for women, we have the almost white corduroy cap with beautiful golden yellow embroidery and subtle rivets that add a panache to your summer wardrobe. This beautiful cap may need some extra care and attention because of its color. Pack the cap away from your make-up kit or case to ensure that color from the cosmetics does not spill over it.

One bonus tip from The Mad Hatters is to see that the fabric of the hat is not very stiff. In case the brim is very stiff or hard, it is a good idea to not fold or roll the cap or hat as it may get badly damaged. Our caps are made from high-quality fabric and are generally easy to carry and maintain. They have no prints or embellishments that require special care. Further, they can be frequently hand-washed and put out to dry. For more tips on washing and hat care, you can visit the hat care section of our website.

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An alumna of Istituto Marangoni and Ars Sutoria, Milan, Deepti launched this label with an aim to bring functional design, quality materials and comfortable fit, together in headwear. As a Bangalorean with roots in coastal Karnataka, she has grown up spending every summer vacation on the beaches and her design ideas and choices are a culmination of sweet summer days in the sun.


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