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Our beliefs as a responsible brand

Hats have been around for a while now. All kinds of hats, in fact. Straw hats, baseball caps, bucket hats, felt hats, professional hats, magician hats, thinking caps, sorting hats ( hi there, Potter fan! ), and we could go on. 

Yet, even with all this headwear we could choose from, we could never find one that we would love to wear. And thus began our quest for making the best hats in the world - best in terms of design, comfort and quality. The three pillars we stand by. 

Design includes colour, silhouette, texture - all the delicious stuff that you and me look at and fall in love with. It’s what makes us pause our scrolling and take a second look. In our first collection, it’s the coming together of Japanese silhouettes and European colours and Indian textures, oooh yummy! But when has just fanciful design ever worked in creating a product of purpose? Without comfort, our hats could well be art pieces displayed at museums!

So when it comes to ensuring comfort, we have used textiles, insulations, adjusters and other materials to create hats that protect your head and face while staying sweat absorbent, non-static and provide a snug fit. 

And as for our third pillar of quality, we ensure that everything from material sourcing to stitching to packaging is made by trained, experienced set of hands and undergoes multiple checks at various stagesWe believe in quality in everything we make, as without quality, there's no durability and in turn, continued use of our products.

We don’t wish to flood the market with more “may-sell” products, so we choose our materials carefully, put together the insides with careful consideration of durability, and make sure our packaging is as minimally wasteful as possible. By ensuring only the best ones finally make the cut, we only put out products that we truly love. 

What drives us each day is the fact that we are creating with a purpose and giving you a product you will treasure for years. 

We strive to utilise domestic Indian creative resources and provide our people a happy working space that nurtures their talents. 

Be it fair wages, ethical production, sustainable packaging - we pride ourselves in making these the industry norms and not just phrases to be associated with. Above all, we are a homegrown, proudly Made in India company.

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About the author

Deepti Hegde

An alumna of Istituto Marangoni and Ars Sutoria, Milan, Deepti launched this label with an aim to bring functional design, quality materials and comfortable fit, together in headwear. As a Bangalorean with roots in coastal Karnataka, she has grown up spending every summer vacation on the beaches and her design ideas and choices are a culmination of sweet summer days in the sun.


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